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Qayaas Tour Dates

Qayaas is a rock band from Islamabad, Pakistan, formed in 2008. Founded by lead guitarist and songwriter, Khurram Waqar, who was soon joined by vocalist Umair Jaswal, guitarist Sarmad Abdul Ghafoor, bassist Shaheryar Ghayas and drummer Salman Rafique, completing the band's lineup. The band is well k

Qazi Touqeer Tour Dates

Qazi, born June 2, 1985 in Srinagar, India, was one of the three finalists of Fame Gurukul, one of the most watched television shows in India - along with Rex D'Souza and Ruprekha Banerjee. He is a singer in the Kashmiri and Hindi languages. On 20 October 2005, he managed to grab the top prize along

Qarthago Tour Dates

Qarthago. Alternative Pop.

Qamar Gula Tour Dates

Qamar Gula is a singer from Afghanistan. Among the female singers from Afghanistan, she is very well known and has fans all across Afghanistan and the Pashtun . She is said to have been among the very first female singers who sang for Radio and Television Afghanistan.

Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri Tour Dates

Qamar ol-Molouk Vaziri is Iran's "Queen of Persian Music" and a prominent vocalist and intellectual. Qamar began her career when women were not allowed to have their voices heard by men. She used to spend all she earned on the poor. The national radio paid her a meager superannuation salary when she

Qamar Jalalabadi Tour Dates

Qamar Jalalabadi, also known as Qamar Jalabadi, was an Indian poet and lyricist of songs of Hindi movies.

Qango Tour Dates

Qango were a short-lived progressive rock band, a spin-off from Asia. In 1999, an attempt was made at a partial reunion of the progressive rock supergroup Asia involving John Wetton, Carl Palmer and Geoff Downes, with David Kilminster to be on guitar. However, Downes withdrew from plans, choosing to

Qader Eshpari Tour Dates

Qader Eshpari is an Afghan singer. He is of the new generation of exiled artists who have achieved fame outside of Afghanistan. He is noted for the depth and flow of his voice that has allowed him command over a wide range of singing styles. He currently lives in Fremont, California, United States f