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Qiu Cui Ling Tour Dates

Chiu Tsui-Ling, better known in Japan as Rei Rei is a member of the latest Hello! Project group Ice Creamusume. She was announced as a winner of the Taiwan Hello! Project New Star Auditions on September 20, 2008 along with the other members of Ice Creamusume.

Qingdao Symphony Orchestra Tour Dates

The Qingdao Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra re-established in April 2005. The orchestra's artistic directors and principal conductors are Zhang Guoyong and Zhu Hui, and its concertmaster and Deputy Executive Director is Liu Yuxia. The Executive Director is Lian Xinguo. The principal performance v

Qigang Chen Tour Dates

Qigang Chen is a composer and film score composer.

Qian Lin Tour Dates

Qian Lin, better known in Japan as Linlin, is a former Morning Musume member and leader of the Hello! Project sub-group Shin Minimoni. She was announced to be joining as the eighth generation of Morning Musume on March 15, 2007. Along with Li Chun, she is one of the only two members in the history o