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Queen Tour Dates

Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970, originally consisting of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor. Queen's earliest works were influenced by progressive rock, hard rock and heavy metal, but the band gradually ventured into more conventional and radio-friendly

Quentin Tarantino Tour Dates

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born March 27, 1963) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer and actor. He rose to fame in the early 1990s as an independent filmmaker whose films used nonlinear storylines and aestheticization of violence. His films include Reservoir

Queens of the Stone Age Tour Dates

Queens of the Stone Age is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, United States, formed in 1996. The band's line-up includes founder Josh Homme, alongside longtime members Troy Van Leeuwen, Michael Shuman, Dean Fertita and recent addition, Jon Theodore. Formed after the dissolution of H

Queen Latifah Tour Dates

Dana Elaine Owens, better known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, model, comedienne, and actress. Her work in music, film, and television has earned her a Golden Globe award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Gra

Queensryche Tour Dates

Queensrÿche is an American progressive heavy metal band formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington. The band has released twelve studio albums, one EP and several DVDs, and continues to tour and record. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Geoff Tate, guitarists Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton, b

Quiet Riot Tour Dates

Quiet Riot is an American heavy metal band, best known for their hit singles "Metal Health" and "Cum On Feel the Noize." The band was founded in 1973 by guitarist Randy Rhoads and bassist Kelly Garni under the original name Mach 1, before changing the name to Little Women and finally Quiet Riot in M

Quincy Jones Tour Dates

Quincy Delight Jones, Jr. is an American record producer, conductor, arranger, composer, television producer, and trumpeter. His career spans five decades in the entertainment industry and a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, 27 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. In 1968, Jones and h

Quimby Tour Dates

'Kaktuszliget+' Pre-order until 24 December. Available only on iTunes: With Bonustracks, videos, booklet.

Queremos Tour Dates

Fazer acontecer.

Queen Elizabeth Tour Dates

Queen Elizabeth is a British band. It is a collaborative experimental project between Thighpaulsandra and Julian Cope. The general concept behind Queen Elizabeth was a "sonic ritual" in which sounds, melodies and other sonic properties would combine. Both releases, 1994's Queen Elizabeth and 1997's

Quiero Club Tour Dates

Quiero Club is an experimental pop indie band from Monterrey, Mexico. They are part of Happy-fi collective and released their debut album in late 2006. Their music combines several elements from different genres like rock, pop and electronic music.

Quartier des spectacles, Montréal Tour Dates

Vivre, créer et se divertir au centre-ville de Montréal

Queen Ifrica Tour Dates

Queen Ifrica is a reggae singer and deejay from the hills above Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is the daughter of ska music legend Derrick Morgan but was raised by her mother and stepfather. Her career began in her home town in 1995 when she won a talent competition in a local club. In 1998 she began wor

Quietdrive Tour Dates

Quietdrive is an alternative rock band based in Hopkins, Minnesota that formed in 2002. Quietdrive released their debut album When All That's Left Is You on May 30, 2006 on Epic Records. In April 2008, Quietdrive parted with Epic Records and released their album titled Deliverance on October 14, 200

Quiet Company Tour Dates

Quiet Company is a rock band hailing from Austin, Texas, led by Taylor Muse. They have released three full length albums, an EP, a live DVD, and a Christmas single. They are the first band signed by Grooveshark in the Artist Development Program and recently released their third record, We Are All Wh

Quicken Loans Arena Tour Dates

The official Facebook page of Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Quidam Tour Dates

Quidam is a Polish Progressive rock band, evolving from the hard rock/blues trio Deep River, a band formed by Maciek Meller, Radek Scholl and Rafał Jermakow. When Zbyszek Florek and Ewa Smarzyńska joined the band, the original Quidam line up was complete. In this line-up the debut album Quidam was

Quadron Tour Dates

Quadron is a Danish duo consisting of singer Coco O and musician/producer Robin Hannibal. The group calls itself and the music they provide, electronic soul. The self-titled debut album Quadron was released in late July 2009. Paste Magazine named Quadron "Best of What's Next" in August 2010, and New

Quilapayún Tour Dates

Quilapayún are an instrumental and vocal folk music group from Chile and among the longest lasting and most influential ambassadors of the Nueva Canción Chilena movement. Formed in Chile during the mid-1960s, the group became inseparable with the revolution that occurred in the popular music of th

Quest4Trance Tour Dates

Join Quest4Trance the Spring edition at beach club Fuel Bloemendaal on May 2nd! See you there! ;-) ? Tickets:

Que trabaje Rita Tour Dates

¡La sensación de los domingos!

Quicksand Tour Dates

Quicksand is an American post-hardcore band from New York City founded in 1990. Their debut self-titled EP was followed by two major label albums, Slip and Manic Compression. Quicksand's sound has been compared to that of post-hardcore/alternative metal bands Fugazi and Helmet. The band supported th

Quoc Thien Tour Dates

Trần Quốc Thiên is a Vietnamese singer who won the second season of Vietnam Idol, in 2008-2009.

Quays Bar Galway Tour Dates

The Quays Galway | Live Entertainment Daily | Tel: 091 568347 Quays Galway | Live Entertainment | Galway Pub | Live Music Galway | Whats on in Galway

Quique Domenech Tour Dates

Quique Domenech is a Latin Grammy nominated artist.

Queen Margaret Union Tour Dates

Students' Union of the University of Glasgow

Quinta do Bill Tour Dates

Quinta do Bill is a Portuguese musical group of folk-rock formed in 1987 near Tomar.

Quorthon Tour Dates

Quorthon was a Swedish musician. He was a multi-instrumentalist and the founder and songwriter of the pioneering Swedish black metal band Bathory. He is also credited with creating the Viking metal genre. He composed the music and wrote the lyrics on all of Bathory's albums.

Quinn Sullivan Tour Dates

Quinn Sullivan is an American Singer and guitarist from New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Quim Barreiros Tour Dates

Quim Barreiros is a Portuguese pimba music writer and singer. A Garagem da Vizinha is one of his big hits. He started his career before Emanuel, being one of the first, if not the actual first, documented case of pimba.

Queen's University Students' Union Tour Dates

The Union is run by you, for you – Queen’s students. You decide what we do, when we do it and where.

Queen Omega Tour Dates

Jeneile Osborne, better known as Queen Omega is a reggae singer born in Trinidad.

Quincy Davis Tour Dates

Quincy Davis is a jazz drummer who has recorded with Tom Harrell, Vincent Gardner, Randy Napoleon, and others.

Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center Tour Dates

Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center is a very unique place here in North Park that is dedicated to supporting local community through all forms of art.

Quebrando a Cena Tour Dates

Quintessence Tour Dates

Quintessence was a rock band formed in April 1969 in Notting Hill, London, England. The style was a mixture of jazz, psychedelic rock and progressive rock with an influence of music from India. Quintessence was among the first true progressive rock outfits signed by Island Records.

Que Sera Tour Dates

Every night of the week features a different club, check the Calendar section for complete listings and #queseralb on Instagram. CASH ONLY BAR, ATM on site

Quest Pistols Tour Dates

The Quest Pistols are a Ukrainian pop rock formed in 2007. Their members entered the world of the music as dancer in a dance show called "Quest Ballet". April 1, 2007 they took part as singers during the show "Chance" with the song "Я устал" and they got over 60000 positive votes. Even if at t

Quotidien Du Real Madrid Tour Dates

page officielle de official pages

Quadro Nuevo Tour Dates

Quadro Nuevo is a German acoustic quartet which was founded in 1996 and can be categorized as World Music and Jazz. The band is composed of Robert Wolf, Mulo Francel, D.D. Lowka and Andreas Hinterseher. Within the last decade the band played about 1500 concerts all over the world and is with its num

Quinton Gibson Tour Dates

Quinton Gibson is a guitarist and a studio engineer/producer. Quinton studied at Bosse High School in Evansville and graduated 1986. Then he studied at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana graduating in 1991 with a double major. When he was in his teens, he joined a band called Xzist. This

Queenadreena Tour Dates

Queenadreena are an independent rock band from London. Vocalist KatieJane Garside and guitarist Crispin Gray had previously collaborated in the celebrated but short-lived band Daisy Chainsaw. They were joined by drummer Billy Freedom and bassist Orson Wajih and then released their first album, Taxid

Quasi Tour Dates

Quasi is an American indie rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 1993 by ex-husband and wife Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss. Joanna Bolme performed and recorded with the group as a bassist from 2007 to 2011.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra Tour Dates

Queensland Symphony Orchestra is an Australian orchestra, based principally in Brisbane in the state of Queensland. The QSO played its first concert on 26 March 1947, with the orchestra consisting of 45 musicians, conducted by Percy Code. John Farnsworth Hall was recruited from the Sydney Symphony O

Quinteto Violado Tour Dates

Quinteto Violado é um conjunto instrumental-vocal brasileiro formado em 1970, na cidade de Recife, que se caracteriza pela interpretação de músicas nordestinas e a realização de pesquisas sobre o folclore brasileiro.

Queensberry Tour Dates

Queensberry is an all-female German pop group, founded in late-2008. Formed during the seventh season of the German version of the international television talent show Popstars, Popstars - Just 4 Girls, the original line-up consisted of singers Leonore Bartsch, Gabriella De Almeida Rinne, Antonella

Quentin Crisp Tour Dates

Quentin Crisp, was an English writer and raconteur. From a conventional suburban background, Crisp grew up with effeminate tendencies, which he flaunted by parading the streets in make-up and painted nails, and working as a rent-boy. He then spent thirty years as a professional model for life-classe

Quran Pender Tour Dates

Storm P is a film actor.

Queen + Paul Rodgers Tour Dates

Queen + Paul Rodgers were a supergroup collaboration between Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen and Paul Rodgers. Guitarist May had previously performed with Rodgers on several occasions, including a performance at the Royal Albert Hall. It was made clear that Rodgers would not be replacing Queen's

Quarterflash Tour Dates

Quarterflash is an American rock group formed in 1980 in Portland, Oregon. The band was originally made up of the only two current members, Rindy Ross, her husband Marv Ross, along with Jack Charles, Rick DiGiallonardo, Rich Gooch, and Brian David Willis. Having a lead singer who also played the sax

Quest for Fire Tour Dates

Quest for Fire was a Canadian psychedelic rock band formed in 2007 in Toronto, consisting of Andrew Moszynski, Chad Ross, Mike Maxymuik and Josh Bauman. Moszynski and Ross were previously in the band The Deadly Snakes, while Maxymuik was formerly in the band Cursed and Bauman was previously in the b

Quinteto Contrapunto Tour Dates

Quinteto Contrapunto was a celebrated Venezuelan vocal quintet which reached nationwide and international celebrity in the early 1960s, and was very active for about a decade. The idea of "Contrapunto" was conceived after its founder, composer and conductor, Rafael Suárez, returned to Venezuela aft

Quetschenpaua Tour Dates

Quetschenpaua war von 1989 bis 1994 ein Berliner Einpersonen-Musikprojekt des aus der Anti-Atomkraft-Bewegung stammenden Musikers Yörg. Der Name leitet sich von Quetsche für Akkordeon und der Aussprache von englisch power ab. Seit 2005 tourt er unter dem Namen Yok. Ein Markenzeichen ist seine Schr